Application example videos
Screw Tightening Robot

Cartesian Robots

Screw Tightening System

・Equipped with various error detection functions (floating screw, idling driver, no screw in feeder)
・Compatible with a wide range of screwdriver brands and types (mechanical clutch type, torque control type, etc.)
・"Drive recorder" function for fault analysis if an error occurs.
・Comprehensive support from installation cabinet construction to tool and work fixtures.
・Dedicated screw tightening application software for easy programming.
・Excellent path traceability (also ideal for dispensing).

AOI Inspection Robot

・Robot-based AOI inspection system compatible with dedicated inspection camera and software with a choice of available lighting options.
・3 model sizes available with 200, 300 and 500mm² inspection ranges.

PCB Depaneling Robot

Topside Dust Collecting Method

・Precise router-based cutting method does not place stress on the board.
・Choose either topside or underside dust collection method for optimal efficiency.
・Camera-based teaching available for even greater position accuracy.

Underside Dust Collecting Method

Dispensing Robot

・Equipped with various position adjustment functions to form a dynamic dispensing application system.
・Available adjustment functions include "XYθ Alignment", "Continuous Height Adjustment" and "Needle Adjustment".
・Both 3-Axes (XYZ) and 4-Axes (XYZR) robots available.

Auxiliary Axis Control (I/O-MT)

・Control up to 2 additional motor axes without using an external PLC.
・Useful for changing tool and workpiece angles, controlling a conveyor, etc.
・We offer a dedicated starter kit for fast and easy setup.

Automated Assembly Line

・We can show demonstrations of our products integrated into an automated system.
・We are available for consultation for assembly line construction and integration.
・We can also offer examples where desktop robots function as part of an automated assembly line.

Pick & Place (SCARA Robot)

・Fast and accurate SCARA Robot also offers high payload capacity.
・Our user-friendly teaching system makes program startup easy.
・Dedicated Pick & Place application makes complicated operations unneccessary.