Automatic Screw Presenter

Automatic Screw Presenter

Convenient automatic screw presenter for a wide range of screw types and sizes;
both robot-mounted and handheld screwdriver compatible models available.


Manual and Robot Types Available

We offer different models for handheld screwdrivers and robot-mounted screwdrivers; screw sizes M1.0~M5.0.

Manual Model
Manual Model

Robot Model
Robot Model

Easy Changeover for Greater Versatility

Just replace the rail to change to a different screw size
JSP-RSD / JSP-MS Series Compatible with 8 different sizes (M1.0~M3.0).
JSP-R / JSP-M Series Compatible with 3~4 different sizes (M2.0~M3.0 / M3.5~M5.0).

Broad Compatibility

Usable with a wide range of ferrous, non-ferrous and other screw types.

Broad Compatibility. Usable even with hex socket head screws!
Usable even with hex socket head screws!

Dependable Delivery

Horizontal method for smooth and steady screw presentation.

Dependable Delivery

Overload Protection Function

If there are too many screws in the scooping chamber and the screws stop coming, the motor runs in reverse for a short time to let the presenter correct itself.
If the presenter does not return to normal, the safety function cuts off the motor power.

External Output Signal

All models come with an external output signal line as a standard accessory.
Manual Outputs a signal when a screw is picked up.
Robot Outputs a signal for screw presence/absence.

Mounting Plates for Robot Installation

We offer mounting plates of various types, directions and heights for installation on our desktop robots.


Compact size ideal for mounting even on a small desktop robot with a narrow footprint.

Please Ask About Special Specifications

Do you need a customized design?
We offer several variations to meet specific size and configuration requirements.

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