JS3 Series

Servo SCARA JS3 Series

Highly rigid robot arm for speed, precision and heavy payload capacity.

Main Specifications

How to Read the Model Code

Maximum Arm Length (J1+J2)
J3 Axis Operating Range
JS3 Series
35: 350mm
45: 450mm
55: 550mm
20: 200㎜


JS3-3520 JS3-4520 JS3-5520
Number of Control Axes 4 Axis
Arm Length Maximum (J1+J2) 350mm 450mm 550mm
J1 Axis 125mm 225mm 325mm
J2 Axis 225mm
Operating Range J1 Axis 340(±170)°
J2 Axis 290(±145)°
J3 Axis 200mm
J4 Axis 720(±360)°
Maximum Speed Combined (J1・J2・J4)*1 6900mm/s 7600mm/s 8300mm/s
J3 Axis 2080mm/s
J4 Axis 2500°/sec
Standard Cycle Time *2 0.29s
Portable Mass Maximum 6 (Rating 3) ㎏
Acceptable Moment of Inertia Maximum 0.12 (Rating 0.01) kgm2
Repeatability*3 Combined (J1+J2) ±0.010mm ±0.012mm
J3 Axis ±0.010mm
J4 Axis ±0.004°
External Dimensions (W×D×H)*4
Robot Unit 174×572×798mm 174×672×798mm 174×772×798mm
36kg 37kg
Controller 400×350×288mm
Z Axis Resistance*5 165N
Tool Wiring ・I/O-H 8 Hand Inputs/8 Hand Outputs
・LAN Cable <100BASE-TX>
Air Piping ・Primary: Φ6×2 Tubes
・Secondary: Φ4×8 Tubes (Optional)
Control Method PTP (Point to Point)/ CP (Continuous Path)
Interpolation 3-dimensional linear and arc interpolation
Teaching Method Remote Teaching (JOG)/ Manual Data Input (MDI)
Teaching Pattern ・Direct teaching using optional Teaching Pendant II
・Offline teaching using optional JR C-Points II PC Software
・CAD Data (DXF, Gerber, jpeg) compatible
Program Capacity Maximum 999 Programs
Database Capacity*6 Maximum 32,000 Points
Simple PLC Function Maximum 1000 Steps
Screen Display Languages PC Software English, Japanese, German, Chinese (both Simplified & Traditional)
Teaching Pendant English, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese (both Simplified & Traditional), Czech, Vietnamese
External Input/Output LAN For robot control via control commands and connection to JR C-Points II PC Software
MEMORY USB Memory Connector (for saving and reading out teaching & customizing data, and for upgrading system software)
I/O-SYS 15 Inputs/14 Outputs *Please choose NPN/PNP when ordering
I/O-1 18 Inputs/22 Outputs (including 4 relay outputs)
I/O-S for safety device connection
I/O-H 8 Hand Inputs/8 Hand Outputs
COM1, COM2 RS-232C (External Device Control & COM Commands)
I/O-MT (Optional) Motor Control, Auxiliary Axes 2 Channels
Field Network (Optional) CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANopen, EtherNet/IP
Other Teaching Pendant Connector
  • *1 This is the J1, J2 and J4 axes' maximum speed with a control point on a flat X-Y surface. (The control point is a position 30mm from the center of the J4 axis' rotation.)
  • *2 Value when bearing a 2kg load. Cycle time may increase when precision workpiece positioning is necessary or due to the robot's operating position(s).
  • *3 Repeatability is not a guarantee of absolute precision.
  • *4 These are the dimensions when the J1 and J2 axes are positioned at 0°.
  • *5 The downwards pressing force at the tip of the load when the robot is bearing its maximum load and the J1, J2 and J4 axes are at rest. An excess load error may occur if a pressing force is applied for an extended period of time.
  • *6 Data is made up of job data, additional function data and PLC program data in a shared data storage area. As these data increase, the point memory capacity reduces, and the maximum number of points may become unreachable.
  • Specifications may be modified without prior notice to improve product quality.
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