JP Series 5

Servo Press JP Series 5
Clean Room Model
Unit Type / Stand-Alone Type


ISO4* Class (US Federal Standard 209D Class 10) compliant

  • Special airtight construction prevents dust generation.
  • Conductive coating on press exterior stops static electricity.
  • Sliding parts inside the ram lubricated with low dust grease; external part of the ram covered with an anti-static bellows.
  • Press is usable both inside and outside of a clean room environment.

*Clean class based on ISO4644-1.

Used in manufacturing processes where clean room environments are essential, including the medical, life science and semiconductor fields.

・Often employed by manufacturers for use in the medical equipment, life science, semiconductor, hard drive, food and battery industries.

・Application examples: medicinal tablet molding, catheter pin insertion, bending catheter guide wires, press fitting swage balls into hard drives and EV battery testing.

Ideal for small-lot, broad-mix manufacturing

PC Software for easy traceability and quality control

Dedicated PC software quickly collects and processes detailed position and load data sequentially.
Saves sensor results and other essential quality control data in files for effective traceability and improved quality control.

Sets Pressing & Sensor Conditions

Set program parameters while referring to test run waveform graphic data.

Acquires Result Data

View the result data for 4 presses on one screen.

Analyzes Result Data

Analyze shot-by-shot comparative data and CPK data, etc.

Sample Applications

JP Series 5 Press Fitting with Sensor

The press inserts a metal bearing; wrong size bearings create load differences detected by the sensor.

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Press Fitting Demonstration

In this animated video, the servo press simulates a press fitting operation.

Click here

Caulking Demonstration

In this animated video, the servo press simulates caulking operation.

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