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Main Features

  • Easy Installation
    ・Ethernet port included as standard equipment
    ・Choose from 6 different Fieldbus types
    ・Low noise and clean work environment
    ・Much lower running cost compared with oil and air presses
    ・Easy program teaching
  • Faster ram movement for higher productivity
    Max. ram speed up 2.5x; ram acceleration up 3.5x over our previous model.
  • A rich variety of both pressing and sensor functions
    A variety of pressing and sensor functions for high applicability in a variety of fields.
  • Superior functionality contributes to higher production quality.
    Load Precision: ±0.8% (FS) *1
    Repeatability: ±0.005mm*2
  • Global Diagnostic Functionality
    Comprehensive hardware diagnostics (including PC boards)
    Its easy to switch among display languages; teach in one language and edit or run your program in another!
  • Auto Amp Adjustment ・Auto Load Calibration
    Perform periodic load calibration automatically.*3
  • Optional Fully-Closed Model  NEW
    Linear scale makes even more precise work possible.
    *For more information, please visit our Catalog & Diagram Download Page or contact us directly.

*1 Value at 5% or more of maximum pressing capacity under constant environmental conditions.

*2 Value with the press unit at a constant temperature.

*3 Please consult with us about compatible load cells.

Sample Applications

System Configuration Diagram

If you need something different from our standard models, please let us know.   We have test and demonstration machines in our showrooms for you to try.
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PC Software: TaS Ⅱ System

Compatible with desktop, laptop and HMI(touch panel) PCs; choose the PC setup suitable for your facility.

JP5 Designer
Create, edit, send and receive teaching data.

■Upload teaching data from the Electro Press to your PC.
■Create and edit teaching data and send it to the Electro Press.
■Save teaching data on your PC and print it out.
■Acquire time series data via JP5 Sampler and display it as a graph.
■Edit sensor conditions, etc. based upon graphic displays.
■Real time I/O monitoring during press operation.

I/O Monitoring Screen

JP5 Sampler (optional)
Receive and save run result data

■Upload run result data to your PC (minimum sampling interval 0.25msec).
■Display quality control data in list display format, and time series data as a graph.
■Output sampling data in CSV/TXT file format.
■Collect run result data from multiple presses.

Monitor Screen

JP5 Reporter (optional)
Analyze run results and make reports.

■Use quality control data to calculate and display statistical averages and standard deviations.
■Display the frequency distribution (histograms) for end load values and end positions.
■Display CPK (process capability index) data based upon run result data.
■Display operational status program by program.
 (Error rate, no. of OK/NOK, average cycle time, average prep time, etc.)
■Make reports in HTML format.

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