Product Information

JP Series 4

  • Basic Information
  • Product Lineup
  • Main Specifications

Our user-friendly standard model servo press features
advanced precision and control

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Main Features

  • Lineup

    ・Pressing Capacity: 0.5kN~50kN (for more information, please refer to our lineup)

    ・Types: Stand-Alone Type

    ・Clean Room Specification Models: 0.5kN/1kN/2kN/20kN/30kN/50kN

    ・Ram Strokes: 80mm(0.5kN/1kN/2kN), 200mm(20kN/30kN/50kN)

  • Reduced Power Consumption
    Uses 75~80% less energy than hydraulic or pneumatic presses.
  • Interactive mode for simple and easy to understand operation
    You can check your operations on the LCD screen.
  • Multiple Display Languages
    Switch among 8 different display languages: Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean and Simplified Chinese.
  • Switch among several display unit settings:
  • Wide selection of pressing modes
    Our mode choices include: "Fixed Speed/Setting Position Stop", "Fixed Speed/Setting Load Stop", "Fixed Speed/Pressing Distance Stop". Combine them to create a variety of multi-stage pressing operations.
  • PC Interfacing
    Direct linkup with the specialized program software makes it easy to set and change teaching data, backup files, save result data, etc.

Sample Applications

If you need something different from our standard models, please let us know.   We have test and demonstration machines in our showrooms for you to try.

Stand-Alone Type Open Height Adjustment
Unit Type Motor Position Modification

Tact Time Measurement
Press Fitting Data Gathering

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PC Software: TaS (Teaching and Sampling) System

JP Designer
Receives and edits teaching data, sends edited data.

■Uploads teaching data from the Electro Press to your PC.
■Displays time series data taken with JP Sampler as a graph.
■Edits teaching data sensor judgment parameters, etc., based upon the graph display.
■Saves edited data onto your PC, as well as sends it to the Electro Press.

JP Sampler
Receives and saves pressing result data.

■Displays pressing result data (quality control data) as a list.
■Creates and displays CPK (Process Capability Index) data based upon pressing result data.
■Displays pressing result data (time series data) as a graph.
■Displays sampling data conditions.
■Collect pressing result data from multiple press machines via an Ethernet connection.
* Number of presses may vary due to work environment.

JP Sampler Monitor Screen

JP Reporter
Analyzes saved result data and creates reports.

■Lists up quality control data for easy reference.
■Displays CPK values (Process Capability Index) based upon result data.
■Histogram display of sensor judgment values, final load values and final positions.
■Displays time series data as a graph.
■Also displays result-based CPK data as a graph.

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