Servo Presses

Servo Presses

Here are some of the benefits from using servo presses and a look at the JANOME Servo Press lineup.

Servo Press Benefits

Wide variety of precision pressing control methods

Equipped with an AC servomotor and internal load cell, for position-based and load-based control with modifiable press fitting speed control, servo presses offer work-oriented operational flexibility.

Conserves energy and improves the work environment

Not only do servo presses run more quietly and cleanly for both operator and workpiece, but servo presses also consume only about 10~20% of the electricity used by conventional air and oil presses.

Comprehensive traceability data

With a servo press, the built-in AC servomotor and internal load cell provide not only pressing result data, but can display and store position and load value data as a waveform graph.

Servo Press Application Examples
  • Press FittingServo Press Application Examples・Press Fitting
  • CaulkingServo Press Application Examples・Caulking
  • RivetingServo Press Application Examples・Riveting
  • SealingServo Press Application Examples・Sealing
  • BendingServo Press Application Examples・Bending
  • DrawingServo Press Application Examples・Drawing
  • CompressingServo Press Application Examples・Compressing
  • FormingServo Press Application Examples・Forming
  • CuttingServo Press Application Examples・Cutting
  • PunchingServo Press Application Examples・Punching
  • EngravingServo Press Application Examples・Engraving
  • TestingServo Press Application Examples・Testing

JANOME Servo Press Features

Convenient Teaching Pendant for easy operation

Setting programs is simple with our interactive teaching method.

*Switch among these Teaching Pendant display languages.

JP5: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Vietnamese.

JP-S2 (Pendant Unit): English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean.

PC software for convenient traceability & quality control

With our dedicated PC software, quickly collect and process detailed position and load time series data, save important quality control data such as sensor results in files for traceability and improved quality.

Sets Pressing & Sensor Conditions

Set program parameters while referring to test run waveform graphic data.

Acquires Result Data

View the result data for 4 presses on one screen.

Analyzes Result Data

Analyze shot-by-shot comparative data and CPK data, etc.

Comprehensive device interfacing with dedicated signals

Servo presses equipped with various dedicated signals for easy connectivity with peripheral devices.

・Ethernet LAN port included as standard equipment
・Field Network compatibility (optional)

Product Lineup

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  JP Series 5

JP Series 5
JP Series 5
Stand-Alone Type
Two Hand Switch Model
JP Series 5 Two Hand Switch Model
JP Series 5
Stand-Alone Type
Flexible Model
JP Series 5 Flexible Model
JP-S2 Series

JP-S2 Series
Product Page Product Page Product Page Product Page
Clean Room Clean Room Model Clean Room Model Clean Room Model -
Product Features Integrated servo press features high speed and high precision. Ready-to-run C-frame servo press. Suitable for both inline and cell installation. Slim and compact “Inline Specialist” servo press.
Maximum Load 0.5kN -
1kN -
2kN -
80kN - -
100kN - - -
120kN - - -
200kN - - -
CE Declared -

Sample Applications

JP Series 5 Press Fitting with Sensor

The press inserts a metal bearing; wrong size bearings create load differences detected by the sensor.

Click here

Press Fitting Demonstration

In this animated video, the servo press simulates a press fitting operation.

Click here

Caulking Demonstration

In this animated video, the servo press simulates caulking operation.

Click here
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