JR3000 Series

Desktop Robot JR3000 Series
Twin Table Robot

Twin table shortens wait times between jobs


Increased Robot Utilization

Reduces wait times between jobs by working on one table while loading the other.

Lower Equipment Costs

Save on your robot investment, and get more productivity from a just one mounted tool such as an expensive jet dispenser or torque screwdriver

Saves Space

Uses less workspace compared to 2 conventional robots.

Twin Table Model Introductory Videos


Screw Tightening

Product Lineup


Application: Dispensing
Operating Range X(L・R)×Y×Z: 300×320×50mm
Space Between X Tables: 180mm
Maximum Portable Load Workpiece: 7kg
Maximum Portable Load Tool: 3.5kg


Applications: Standard・Screw Tightening・Dispensing
Operating Range X(L・R)×Y×Z: 300×510×100mm
Space Between X Tables: 303mm
Maximum Portable Load Workpiece: 15kg
Maximum Portable Load Tool: 7kg

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