JR3000 Series

Desktop Robot JR3000 Series
Screw Tightening Robot

Add an electric screwdriver and automatic screw feeder to a JR3000 Series Desktop Robot
with our dedicated screw tightening system software and easily automate your screw tightening process.


Dedicated screw tightening software for easy operation

Features screw tightening and loosening point types and parameters for depth, screw pitch and more.

Precision and Repeatability for Dependable Quality

Tighten at the same positions, depth and torque every time. No missed screws, no halfway done tightening jobs.

Various screw tightening and error detection functions

Error detection functions for floating screws, screws that spin inside the screw hole, dropped screws and empty screw feeders all serve to improve productivity.

Compatible with a wide range of torque control screwdrivers

*Please contact us for compatible screwdrivers.

Comprehensive Standard Package

All you need to get started: a Janome Desktop Robot, electric screwdriver set (driver, controller and driver attachment plate) and automatic screw feeder

Compatible Screw Sizes and Torque Range

・Screw Sizes: M1.0~M6.0(mm)

・Torque Range: 0.02~4.5(N・m)

*Screw sizes and torque ranges vary according to screwdriver brand and model.

JR3000 Series Screw Tightening & Loosening

JR3000 Series Screw Tightening & Loosening

The JR3000 demonstrates screw pickup and tightening as well as loosening and leaving the screw at a set drop point.

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