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JR3000 Series Depaneling Robot

JR3000 Series Depaneling Robot

We've added original specialized depaneling software and a router-based cutting system to the JR3000 Series Desktop Robot to create a dedicated depaneling machine.

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Depaneling Range Limit X & Y Axes 195×190mm 295×315mm 395×395mm 505×505mm 505×615mm
Z Axis 35mm 90mm 82mm 95mm 95mm
Max. PTP Speed*1 X & Y Axes 700mm/sec 900mm/sec
Z Axis 250mm/sec 400mm/sec
Max. CP Speed*1 XYZ Combined 600mm/sec 850mm/sec
Cutting Trajectory Precision 0.2mm(nominal standard)
Repeatability*2 X Axis ±0.006mm ±0.007mm ±0.008mm ±0.008mm
Y Axis ±0.01mm
Z Axis ±0.008mm
Applicable Board Materials Glass Epoxy, Paper Phenol, etc. (maximum board thickness 1.6mm)
Power Source AC100~120V±10% / AC200~240V±10% (single phase)
Power Consumption 250W
Supplied Air Pressure*3 0.5Mpa (5kgf/cm²) *Dry Air
Air Consumption Volume*4 200Nℓ/min or more
Spindle Motor Rated Rotating Speed:40,000r/min

*1 Maximum speed can vary depending upon conditions.
*2 Repeatability was measured at a constant temperature for the robot unit only and does not represent a guarantee of absolute precision.
*3 Be sure to use dry air. Supplying air containing moisture or oil can damage the device.
*4 If the air volume is low, the vacuum will lose pressure, thereby reducing its dust collection efficiency.
*5 The safety cover is optional for the JR3503ERT (not CE-declared). Also, the JR3603 does not come with a safety cover. Please prepare a safety cover at the user side.

  • Specifications may be modified without prior notice to improve product quality.

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