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JR3000 Series Depaneling Robot

JR3000 Series Depaneling Robot

We've added original specialized depaneling software and a router-based cutting system to the JR3000 Series Desktop Robot to create a dedicated depaneling machine.

  • Features
  • Product Lineup
  • Main Specifications
  • Smooth Cutting Surface
    Combining the smooth CP traceability of a highly functional robot with a precision router, the JR3000ERT cuts cleanly with minimal stress on the board.
  • Helpful router bit replacement announcement function
    ・Indicator shows the torque level during cutting.
    ・Freely set the bit replacement "announcement timer".
  • Safety Functions
    Employs safety functions where the robot makes an emergency stop if the router is overburdened of if a position error is detected.
  • Easy teaching with our original "JR C-Points II" PC software  (Optional)
    With Janome's original program entry system, you can create, edit and save teaching data and customizing data on your PC.
  • Large, easy-to-read icons

    Make your own cutting program using the large display screen icons.

    Programming Area

    Directly input values to create and edit program data.

    Basic Operations Area

    Use the helpful icons to easily create programs.

    Robot Operations Area

    Use the operation icons to make JOG movements.

    USB Camera Teaching (Optional)

    Precise teaching is easy! Connect a USB camera and set points using enlarged images on your PC screen, click the icons for the movements you want.

    USB Camera Teaching(Optional)
    ←The robot moves to center itself over the position you click on the camera display!
    Point Graphic Editing Function

    Upload and view DXF files, Gerber data or jpg files and draw points, straight lines, circles and arcs.

    Positioning difficulties that can come with a motion-based approach are solved on your PC.

    Point Graphic Editing Function

    You can edit the coordinates when adapting DXF file or Gerber data.

    Tool Offset Function

    Set the router tip thickness as an offset value against any reduction in board size caused by the router's path.

    Original Data
    Tool Offset Function
    Multilingual Programming Capacity

    With our PC software, switch among English, German, Japanese, simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese display languages.

  • Our teaching pendant offers 11 different language displays.
    Switch freely among English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and Czech.
  • Upper Dust Collection Method
    The vacuum sucks up cutting dust through the nozzle and collects it in the filter box.
    Utilizing the compressed air often used in factories the cutting dust is stored in a compact container without worrying about space.
  • Ample Program Capacity
    Create up to 999 total cutting programs with up to 32,000 points.
    Ideal for high product variety/small lot production operations.

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