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JR3000 Series Dispensing with Camera Specifications

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Main Features

  • Comprehensive Package Robot System
    Camera, laser displacement sensor, and needle adjuster for precision dispensing on workpieces are combined with the highly rigid, high precision JR3000 Series to create a machine vision system package.
  • Easy Setting Method
    What were once complicated camera calibration and sensor settings are now unified with program teaching functions in one PC software which anyone can use easily.
  • User-friendly Operation
    Dedicated PC software has areas for "Programming”, "Camera Imaging ", "Basic Operations" and "Robot Operations" integrated on a single screen for a clear, user-friendly interface.
  • Use 3 different adjustment functions for consistent precision dispensing
    ・ Camera for X and Y direction adjustment
    ・ Laser displacement sensor for Z direction height adjustment
    ・ Needle adjuster for correcting needle tip position displacement
    3 different adjustment functions make for stable dispensing every time.

For more details about the JR3000's main features,?please refer to please refer to the JR3000 Series in our Product Information page.

PC Software "JR C-Points II" Dispensing with Camera Specifications

Dedicated camera dispensing PC software works for all your settings, from initial calibration and sensor settings to making adjustment programs to monitor image-based position settings.

Clear Interface Screen Configuration

■Programming Area
Displays programming data point by point. Choose and edit the point values directly.

■Basic Operations Area
Program by choosing the icons for the operations you want. It is easy for even first-time users!

■Camera Imaging Area
Use magnified camera images to designate precise positions. Click on one part of the image and the robot moves to center itself over that position.

■Robot Operations Area
Make JOG movements while watching the camera image.

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Auto Calibration

Capture the purged dispensing agent and the camera calibrates automatically.
(Line up the needle position with the cross and capture with the camera.)

Easy Teaching

Teaching is done in JOG mode. Use the camera images to line up the positions then choose the icon for the operation you want.

Basic Operation Icons

Icon Examples

Start of Line Dispense Single Camera Shoot Point
Point Dispensing
Z Sensor Line Dispense Start

Large programming icons for making more than 30 kinds of settings; also helpful for making adjustment programs.

Adjustment Functions

■Camera Adjustment
Dispensing is done while making adjustments on displaced workpieces.

■Continuous Position Adjustment
The laser displacement sensor continuously measures the workpiece height.

■Needle Adjuster
If the needle tip position is displaced after nozzle replacement, the robot automatically detects the current needle position and makes adjustments.

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For more details about the JR3000's convenient functions,?please refer to the JR3000 Series in our Product Information.?

Test & Try

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