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JR-V2000 Series

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  JR-V2203 JR-V2303 JR-V2403
Number of Axes 3 (Synchronous Control)
Operating Range X・Y Axes (mm) 200×200 300×320 400×400
Z Axis (mm) 50 50 100 100
Maximum Portable Load Workpiece(kg) 5
Tool(kg) 2*1
Maximum Speed
<PTP Movement>*2
X・Y Axes (mm/sec) 500
Z Axis (mm/sec) 200
Maximum Speed
<CP Movement>*2
X・Y・Z Combined Speed(mm/sec) 500
Repeatability*3 X・Y・Z Axes (mm) ±0.01
Dispensing Specifications Dimensions
320×364×549 560×507×609 560×507×655 584×607×755
Body Weight
17 30 31 37
Screw Tightening Specifications Dimensions
320×443×549 560×590×609 560×590×655 584×650×755
Body Weight
18 31 32 38
Standard Specifications Dimensions
320×364×549 560×507×609 560×507×655 -
Body Weight
17 30 31 -

*1 We've prepared a "High Payload Type" which can bear a tool weight up to 3kg. Please see the chart below for available models.
*2 Maximum speed can vary depending upon conditions. The robot cannot reach maximum speed when bearing the maximum portable load.
*3 Repeatability was measured at a constant temperature, so absoluted precision is not guaranteed.

Tool weight Model JR-V2203 JR-V2303 JR-V2403
Specifications \ Z Axes 50mm 50mm 100mm 100mm
Regular Payload Type
(max. portable load 2kg)
Screw Tightening
Standard -
High Payload Type
(max. portable load 3kg)
Dispensing - -
Screw Tightening - -
Standard - - -

〇: Available

  • We are regularly expanding our lineup. If there is a model size you want that is not listed here, please contact us.

Common Specifications

Drive Method 2 Phase Pulse Motor
Control Method PTP (Point to Point) control, CP (Continuous Path) control
Interpolation 3 dimensional linear and arc interpolation
Teaching Method Remote Teaching (JOG), Manual Data Input (MDI)
Teaching System ・Direct teaching using the optional teaching pendant
・Off-line teaching with JR C-Points software from a PC
Program Capacity 255 Programs
Data Capacity*4 Up to 30,000 Points
External Interface
Dedicated Teaching Pendant Interface (RS422)
Dedicated PC Interface (RS232C) 1ch
(for external devices COM2,COM3)2ch(optional)
External Input/Output*5 Dispensing Specifications I/O-SYS: 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs
I/O-DSP: 1 Input, 2 Outputs (including 1 relay output)
Needle Adjuster Connector(optional)
Screw Tightening Specifications I/O-SYS(for Screwdriver Connection) 8 Inputs/8 Outputs * 2 Outputs are for the Ejector
I/O-1 8 Inputs/6 Outputs
Standard Specifications I/O-SYS 8 Inputs/8 Outputs
I/O-1 8 Inputs/6 Outputs(optional)
Simple PLC Function Up to 100 Programs (1,000 Steps/Program)
Power Source AC90~132V/ AC180~250V (Single Phase)
Power Consumption 150W

*4 Point data memory capacity reduces as additional function data settings/point job data/sequencer data are added, due to the shared data storage area.
*5 I/O polarity type is NPN only.

Specification-Based Features

Dispensing Specifications Purge Switch(dedicated switch on front panel)
Start Box Specifications (inclusion of purge switch)
Screw Tightening Specifications*6 Maximum Tightening Torque 0.2Nm(2kg・cm)
Recommended Screw Size M1.0~M2.0
(provided the maximum tightening torque is not exceeded.)
Ejector/Regulator included as standard equipment (for screw pickup)
Screw Tightening set includes: Screw Tightening Spec Robot, electric screwdriver and automatic screw feeder.
Standard Specifications I/O-1 attachachable as an option 

*6 Maximum tightening torque must not exceed 0.2Nm.

Standard Accessories

Common ・Power Cable (2m)
・Operation Manual (CD-ROM)

Optional Attachments

Common ・Teaching Pendant (without Emergency Stop Switch/ without Enable Switch)
・Pendant Connector Conversion Connector
 (For customers who are using a JR2000N Teaching Pendant)
・Dedicated software (JR C-Points) WindowsR 7/ WindowsR 8.1/ WindowsR 10 compatible
 (Display Languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, German)
・Dedicated software (JR-G Layout) WindowsR 7/ WindowsR 8.1/ WindowsR 10 compatible
 (Display Languages: Japanese, English)
・I/O-SYS Connector (cordless)
・I/O-SYS Cable (2m, 3m or 5m)
・Z Spring for tool weights 0.3kg/ 1.0kg/ 1.5kg
Dispensing Specifications ・Needle Adjuster 2
・I/O DSP Connector
Screw Tightening Specifications ・ESC Cable
・Screwdriver Attachment Plate
・Screw Feeder Attachment Plate
Available Components for the Screw Tightening Robot Set
Screwdriver ・HIOS®:CLF-3000, CLF-4000
・delvo®:DLV5827, DLV5827H, DLV5847
Screw Feeder ・OHTAKE®: NSRI-10/12/14/17/20
(M1.0, M1.2, M1.4, M1.7, M2.0)
Standard Specifications ・I/O-1 Connector (cordless)
・I/O-1 Cable (2m, 3m or 5m)

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