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JR-V2000 Series

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Main Features

  • Easy Program Teaching
  • Choose from among 10 different display languages
    Switch back and forth among these languages: Japanese・English・German・Italian・Spanish・French・Korean・Simplified Chinese・Czech・Vietnamese.
  • Versatile Multi-purpose Robot
    Add a sensor which sets off an alarm when the workpiece is positioned incorrectly and create monitoring programs to check for errors. With the standard specifications type, use it as a pick-and-place robot, or configure it into a camera-based inspection device. Use the JR-V2000 to automate operations at various places in your manufacturing process.
  • High Repeatability & High Rigidity
    High structural rigidity for excellent precision; position repeatability is ±0.01mm.
  • Choose different measurement units
    Switch between coordinate values displayed in either mm or inches.
Dispensing Specifications
  • Excellent Tracking Capability
    High tracking accuracy through CP (continuous path) control; dispense cleanly in circles and arcs, even 3-dimensional dispensing is easy!
  • Joint Robot and Dispenser Unit Control Capability
    Set “Wait Time before Moving” and “Wait Time after Moving” to prevent fragmented dispensing.
    Set “Wait Time before Moving”/ (axes) “Return Amount” /”Return Speed” to prevent stringing.
  • Easy Point Setting for Circular and Arc Line Dispensing
    Just add a “CP Arc Point” (CP=Continuous Path) in between the “Start of Line Dispense Point” and “End of Line Dispense Point” and you can draw an arc that passes through all three points.
    You can draw circles and arcs by setting the “Line Speed” to the “Start of Circle Dispense Point” and a “Circle Angle” to the “Center of Circle Dispense Point”.
  • Comprehensive Dispensing Program
    A wide variety of dispensing jobs, including point dispensing, line dispensing (straight line and arc), rectangular and circular painting are easily programmable.
  • Purging Function
    Automatically purge the dispensing liquid after each dispensing cycle.
    Alternatively, purge whenever you wish with the purge switch.
  • Needle Adjuster Function
    With this optional feature, the robot records the needle tip position in its memory so when it is time to replace the needle it detects and makes corrective adjustments for any position differences that may occur.
Screw Tightening Specifications
  • Compatible Screw Sizes: M1.0~M2.0
    Tightens screws with a maximum tightening torque of 0.2Nm (2.0kg・cm); high position repeatability allows you to automatically tighten even screws as small as M1.0.
  • Easy Teaching
    With our specialized screw tightening software, programming the robot is easy: just set the screw tightening conditions such as screw length, screw pitch and the locations where you want the screws to go.
  • Screw tightening miss prevention function
    Program the feeder to send a stop signal when it runs out of screws
  • Two screw tightening styles
    With the JR-V2303 and 2403 models, add a second feeder and the robot can tighten two different screw lengths at the same time.
  • Available as a Complete Set
    Screw Tightening Robot Set includes an electric screwdriver and automatic screw feeder unit. Just prepare your workpiece/jigs and you are ready to begin production.
Standard Specifications
  • Versatile Multi-purpose Robot
    Using the customer-acclaimed JR2000N Series original software JR C-Points, you can run point jobs and use customizing and sequencer functions to operate your robot according to your manufacturing needs. Pairing, pick & place, cutting, testing and more, customize the robot to fit your process!
  • Add I/O, Interfaces
    Add an I/O-1 external input/output, up to 16 inputs/14 outputs are possible. You can also add an RS232C external interface.

If you need something different from our standard models, please let us know.   We have test and demonstration machines in our showrooms for you to try.
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PC Software JR C-Points/JR-G Layout 

PC Software "JR C-Points"
JR C-Points is user-friendly interactive programming system software with high functionality, enabling both simple and advanced teaching using the robot's language.

Easy Program Teaching

You can conduct teaching just by inputting the items you need, such as positions and parameters.


You can create original programs (through I/O control) in the robot's language by using point job commands to create command lines.

JR-G Layout PC Software
JR-G Layout PC Software brings DXF files, Gerber data, and jpg files, into the editing domain and allows you to draw points, the line portion of straight lines, circles and arcs.
Its dynamic approach makes it possible to accurately determine difficult position settings from your PC.

Compatible Data Types

・DXF Files
・Gerber Data
・jpg Files
・jcs Files

Coordinate Data Editing Application

You can edit the information for each coordinate contained in the DXF File or Gerber data.

Convert Data to jcs File Format

You can export edited point data in jcs file format and send it to the robot via JR C-Points software.

Software Applications

Dispensing Specifications

Simply attach a dispensing device, and your robot becomes a dispensing specialist, able to carry out many functions such as adhesive dispensing jobs or fill-in jobs.

Screw Tightening Specifications

Easy to use, just set the screw tightening conditions and points and you are ready to go. Available as a complete set with an electric screwdriver and screw feeder.

Standard Specifications

Handles a wide range of applications; you can customize the robot according to your needs.

Sample Application

Standard Specifications

Robot serves as a continuity testing device for PCBs


Click here for our Demonstration Video Library.

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