Desktop Robots

Desktop Robots

Here are some of the benefits from using desktop robots and a look at the JANOME Desktop Robot lineup

Desktop Robot Benefits

Ideal for small lot broad mix production

With superior versatility, desktop robots excel at the small lot, broad mix tasks necessary for cell production, including dispensing, assembly, depaneling, soldering, testing and more.

Semi-automation for a low manual labor burden and improved quality

A desktop robot can semi-automate an assembly job process without changing the actual process, thereby improving both product quality and production efficiency.

Small and compact

With its space-saving size, installing a desktop robot in your current production facility is simple. With installation flexibility, model upgrades and facility changeover are also easy.

Desktop Robot Application Examples
  • Dispensing Desktop Robot Application Examples・Dispensing
  • Screw Tightening Desktop Robot Application Examples・Screw Tightening
  • Soldering Desktop Robot Application Examples・Soldering
  • Depaneling Desktop Robot Application Examples・Depaneling

JANOME Desktop Robot Features

High precision, high rigidity, exact control

Employing the same casting technology used in precision sewing machines, JANOME desktop robots combine an extremely rigid robot unit with our original system software for excellent precision control.

High precision JANOME Desktop Robots handle even difficult 4-Axes synchronous control operations.

User-friendly teaching and operation

Teaching is simple with an interactive method for easy parameter input and dedicated application-based system software.

Screw Tightening Software

Dispensing Software

Depaneling Software

Standard Software

*Switch among 11 Teaching Pendant display languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech,
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Vietnamese.

Various Communication Functions

・System environment compatible for IoT (Industrie 4.0) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System).
・I/O-MT (optional) add-on for adding up to 2 auxiliary axes motors, controllable from the robot without a PLC.


・Easily install in an automated assembly line or integrate with articulated or collaborative robots.

Product Lineup

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