i22X Series

Desktop Robot i22X Series
Multifunctional Inspection Device

The JR3000 Series is equipped with a powerful visual inspection system to create a multifunctional inspection robot.


Wide Range of Inspection Uses

Dip Soldering Inspection

Part・Color Difference

Scratch Inspection

Text Inspection
(Optical Character Recognition-optional add-on)

Missing Screw Check

Reads Various Barcodes


Automatically saves inspection results & barcode information

Production Management Software "Catch System"*Optional (sold separately)

Check inspection images・Record repairs

Keep tabs on productivity with monthly data graph

Inspection Range Up to 500mm

“Free Space” Design Inspection Stage

Choose Lighting to Fit Your Application

White Lighting・DOAL・RGB Lighting ・Red Side Lighting・More

System Configuration

Inspection Unit・PC・Display・Controller・Switchbox

Product Lineup

*Scroll Horizontally

i22X-200 i22X-300 i22X-500 i22XDA-300*1
External Dimensions W420 D434 H696mm W560 D587 H722mm W678 D731 H822mm W560 D587 H722mm
Device Weight 26kg 43kg 53kg 53kg
Applicable Workpiece Size W200 D200 H80mm W320 D300 H100mm W510 D510 H150mm W280 D250 H40mm
Maximum Portable Load 5kg
  • *1 The i22X-DA300 is not CE declared for import to the European Economic Area.
  • Manufactured by Marantz Electronics, Ltd.
  • Specifications may be modified without prior notice to improve product quality.

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