JC-3 Series

Cartesian Robot JC-3 Series
Long Stroke Model

Synchronous control of two X-Axis sliders for precise path control over even long strokes.


Maximum Stroke 1200mm

Handles even large workpieces, executing precision operations smoothly and uniformly over a broad a work area.


All-in-One System

Multifunctional, easy to use comprehensive robot system includes a dedicated controller; just setup the system and its ready to run!

User-Friendly Teaching

Dedicated system software makes teaching easy. Import CAD data using our PC software and automatically generate point data.

Enhanced Communication Functions

Ethernet (LAN) port included as standard equipment. Optional Field Network compatibility.

Ideal for Dispensing!

Using our dedicated dispensing application software, choose where and how you want to dispense, including point (dot), line and area fill-in.

Fill-in Dispensing Function
Fill-in Dispensing Function

Auxiliary Axes Function

Dedicated optional starter kit for adding up to 2 external motor axes for transporting or rotating workpieces.

5th & 6th Axes Control Starter Kit
5th & 6th Axes Control Starter Kit

【Video】JC-3-X2 Long Stroke Model - Dispensing

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