Demonstration Videos

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  • Desktop Robot
  • Cartesian Robot
  • SCARA Robot
  • Servo press

Desktop Robots

JR3000EBV Series Depaneling Robot

The JR3303EBV Depaneling Robot features an underside dust collection system.

JR3000ERT Series Depaneling Robot

The JR3000ERT shows how it makes precision cuts on a printed circuit board.

JR3000 Series Screw Tightening & Loosening

The JR3000 demonstrates screw pickup and tightening as well as loosening and leaving the screw at a set drop point.

JR3000 Series 3 Liquid Dispensing & Needle Adjuster

We customized our robot allowing it to dispense and perform needle position adjustments for 3 syringes.

JR3000 Series Drawing on a Curved Surface

The robot auxiliary axes function is used to draw on a curved surface.

JR3000 Series Automatic Tool Bit Replacement

Make multiple tool bit replacements while working in a single process.

JR3000 Series Auxiliary Axes Function (Dispensing)

Use the Auxiliary Axes Function to adjust the syringe angle.

JR3000 Series Auxiliary Axis Function

Dispensing on 3 Surfaces with the Auxiliary Axis Function.

JR-V2000 Series PCB Continuity Test

Makes a conduction test of lined up PCBs using 3 kinds of connectors.

JR3000 Dispensing with Camera Specifications Functions

3 Axes Dispensing

Camera checks for XY Axes position displacement, while the laser displacement gauge continuously measures the Z height, adjusting for differences and dispensing at a constant distance from the workpiece.
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3 Axes Operation via PC Software

Easy-to-use "Auto Calibration Function" and dispensing program teaching using just a PC mouse.
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CCD Camera Adjustment with Counter

The JR3000 uses the "CCD Camera Adjustment with Counter" to shorten operation cycle time.
This function is also available with the JR3000 Series Desktop Robot and JC-3 Series Cartesian Robot.
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4 Axes Dispensing

A 4 Axes robot uses the camera to make XY position adjustments.
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4 Axes Needle Adjuster

Introducing a new "4 Axes" Needle Adjuster function for the JR3000 Series.
This function is also available with the JR3000 Series Desktop Robot (Dispensing) and JC-3 Series Cartesian Robot(Dispensing).
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Cartesian Robots

JC-3 Series Deburring

Deburring tool with bottom vacuum swarf removal.

JC-3 Series Horizontal Screw Tightening & Loosening

Loosens and tightens screws on the side of the workpiece.

newImg(JC-3 Series Screw Tightening

Cartesian Robot JC-3 Single Sided Type and Screw Feeder.


SCARA Robots

Automated Assembly

A JS3 SCARA Robot, JP Series 5 Servo Press and JR3000 Series Desktop Robot work together to form an automated assembly line.

JS3 SCARA Pick & Place Model

Here is an example of teaching and running a pick-and-place program.

JS Series Camera Adjustment (Dispensing)

Dispensing Operation Using a Position Correcting Camera.

JSR4400N Series Robot & Servo Press Combination

Using its simple PLC function, the SCARA robot determines where to send the workpiece according to the servo press sensor judgment result.


Servo presses

JP Series 5 Press Fitting & Sensor Judgment

As the JP Series 5 press-fits different-sized bearings, the sensors detect changes in load value, separating them by OK/NOK results.

JP-S Series Introduction

JP-S Series Introductory Video.