Easy Add-on Optional Camera Set
(Specialized JANOME Model COGNEX AS200 Camera)
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Easy Add-on Optional Camera Set

We incorporated a COGNEX AS200 into our dedicated robot software to create a specialized optional camera set with a lens, white LED ring light, LAN cable and power cable.
With this camera set, easily perform calibration, make position adjustment programs and refer to workpiece images when teaching.
We offer dedicated mounting brackets for adding the AS200 to your existing JANOME Screw Tightening Robot or Depaneling Robot.

Available from

25 March, 2022

Set Contents

・COGNEX AS200 Camera (specialized JANOME model)
・16mm Lens
・White LED Ring Light
・AS200 Power Cord (5m)
・AS200 LAN Cable (4.8m)
・Asssembly Instructions

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