Speciality Specification

  • At Janome, we offer a variety of special specifications to meet customer needs. If you require something different from what you see here, please contact us.
    * Any special modifications must be noted at the time of order.

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Servo Presses

JP Series4(Unit type) JP-S Series

Standard Unit Type
Underside Pulley Box

We've moved the pulley box 180° and attached it on the underside.

Right-Side Pulley Box

We've moved the pulley box 90° to the right.

Left-Side Pulley Box

We've moved the pulley box 90° to the left.

Right-Side Motor

We've moved the servomotor connector to face the right side.

Left-Side Motor

We've moved the servomotor connector to face the left side.

JP Series 4(Stand-Alone Type)

Standard Stand-Alone Type
Elevated Column

We've inserted a spacer into the column to handle large work pieces.

*For CE specification types usable in the European Union, please contact us.

JP Series4

Analog Monitor Output

An interface is added for outputting the ram speed and motor torque value as analog voltage values.

You can check these periodically to determine your maintenance schedule.

JP-S Series

90° Turned Flange

We've turned the flange 90° at the ram tip to make it perpendicular with the motor housing.

Clean Dry Room

Based upon our clean room specifications, we've modified the motor and other parts to make a dry room specification type.

Operating Temperature: -20~40°C

(Clean Room Type: 0~40°C)

Desktop Robots

JR2000N Series、JR2000NE Series

Cable Carrier

We've added a cable carrier to conserve overhead space.

Desktop Robots

JC-2 Series, JC-3 Series

Compact Specifications

Utilize a "fold-over" slider for a compact design.

Modified Z Axis Position Specifications

Modify the Z axis attachment to match up with the workpiece position.

SCARA Robots

JS Series

Bellows (JS Series Only)

We've attached a bellows the standard model to prevent grease drips, etc.

JSR4400N Series

High Thrust

We've increased the Z direction thrust.

For jobs that press down on the work piece, we've increased the maximum thrust of the Z-axis to 98N(10kgf).