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JR2000NERT Series

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Main Features

  • Easy Program Teaching
  • Board Cutting
    We combined the precision of the JR2000NE series with a high quality spindle motor unit for stress-free board cutting.
  • Fewer Defects
    The JR2000NE optical encoder combines with a bit load detection sensor function for "Double-check" quality control.
  • High Rigidity Makes for High Precision
    The base is made of a single aluminum alloy die cast and the column is from an aluminum alloy extrusion with a highly rigid cross section which gives the robot overall a stable structure.
  • Labyrinth Mechanism
    The work table's special labyrinth mechanism prevents foreign objects such as screws, solvents, liquids and dust from getting inside the robot.
  • Original Software "JR C-Points"
    Our software is specially designed for board cutting jobs.
  • Customizing Function
    This allows you to register job data as a functional system and then create your own software by making your own settings.
  • Ample Program and Point Memory Capacity
    Saves up to 255 programs (30,000 points).
  • Simple Sequencer
    The built-in simple sequencer works independent from the robot's operation and can carry out 100 programs or 1000 steps.
  • Choose from among 10 different display languages
    Switch back and forth among these languages: Japanese・English・German・Italian・Spanish・French・Korean・Simplified Chinese・Czech・Vietnamese.
  • Choose different measurement units
    Switch between coordinate values displayed in either mm or inches.

If you need something different from our standard models, please let us know.   We have test and demonstration machines in our showrooms for you to try.
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PC Software JR C-Points/JR-G Layout 

PC Software "JR C-Points"
JR C-Points is user-friendly interactive programming system software with high functionality, enabling both simple and advanced teaching using the robot's language.

Easy Program Teaching

You can conduct teaching just by inputting the items you need, such as positions and parameters.


You can create original programs (through I/O control) in the robot's language by using point job commands to create command lines.

JR-G Layout PC Software
JR-G Layout PC Software brings DXF files, Gerber data, and jpg files, into the editing domain and allows you to draw points, the line portion of straight lines, circles and arcs.
Its dynamic approach makes it possible to accurately determine difficult position settings from your PC.

Compatible Data Types

・DXF Files
・Gerber Data
・jpg Files
・jcs Files

Coordinate Data Editing Application

You can edit the information for each coordinate contained in the DXF File or Gerber data.

Convert Data to jcs File Format

You can export edited point data in jcs file format and send it to the robot via JR C-Points software.

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